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Get your GED® in person or online, you decide how you want to study. In Spanish and 100% valid.


We have the Regular course and the Intensive one.


SEDES is an official preparation center endorsed by the state. Earn your high school equivalent diploma. With our official preparation course you will be able to obtain your GED® diploma in a short time.  


This course enables you to pass the group of subject tests that includes: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.  SEDES is an official GED ® preparation center.

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Get certifications and licenses online in the following areas:

  • construction and related fields

  • electricity

  • food handling and alcohol

  • air conditioning (HVAC)

  • plumbing

  • engineering

  • home inspector

  • tow-truck

  • auctioneer

  • cosmetology

  • water well



SEDES EduPadres offers you a free and practical guide to help your preschool-age children transform their future in a positive way.

You will find the best tips and strategies from professionals to improve the development of oral language, reading and writing, mathematics, social and cultural skills.

We offer you a space to think, reflect and act on the relationship and education of your children.

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Face-to-face or Online Course, you decide how you want to study. Study with the best.

Learn to speak English with the Brain-In Method ©
  of SEDES. This learning system will help you learn naturally, in the same way that you learned Spanish!

This course is designed so that in a few months you can have a natural conversation in English. Classes are conversational and the reading and writing component intensifies as you progress through the academic program. It works the same way you learned to communicate as a kid, so you know it works.

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Improve your personal economy, open your own company or grow your business with the Financial Education Center (CFE) of SEDES.

The CFE includes a large number of workshops and courses that will help you improve your financial skills so that you can increase your economic capacity, as well as your ability to expand or create a business, buy a house, improve your credit score, reduce the risk being a victim of identity theft and fraud and invest your money wisely.  

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Learn Basic Electricity in 3 months (residential and commercial). You will learn to read electrical plans and wire a building safely. Learning electrical wiring includes: lighting, branch circuits, and conductors. You will become familiar with the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC). This course includes your Texas state learner's license.

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Find inner peace in modern times. The SEDES's Juno workshops offer a range of activities to find peace and harmony through our inner being, we work on various values that allow us to eradicate behaviors that distract us from our true reason for living.


These workshops include concepts, practical strategies, and guided meditation exercises.


You can discover more peace and happiness within yourself to solve your daily problems, increase the ability to maintain calm at all times and especially fill your life with meaning.



Be part of our institution where you can find our best courses both online and in person.
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SEDES is registered as an approved educational service provider in:

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Descargo de responsabilidad: SEDES es una institución de educación para adultos registrada para ofrecer servicios educativos para adultos. SEDES no es una escuela de carreras ni un colegio, y no se promociona ni opera como tal. Esto se hace en cumplimiento de las normativas TEC 132.15(1), TEC 132.155 y TEC 132.154.

Within 2022, SEDES efficiency has improved, going from 63% to 71% in the overall success rate.

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